Dates Confirmed so far


19th April           Atherstone Folk Club


21 January      The Blinking Owl, North Newington
18 February     The Bell, Adderbury
5 March            Warkworth, Oxfordshire
13 March          Banbury Folk Club (GF Club, Banbury)
20 March          Readifolk, Reading 
14 April            Bromsgrove Folk Club
29 April            The New Inn, Middleton Cheney
30 April            The Saye & Sele Arms, Broughton
6 May                The Bell, Adderbury
5  June              Tingewick, Bucks
8 June               Bedworth Folk Club
17 June             The Bell, Adderbury
26 June             Brackley Folk Club, The Red Lion, Brackley
3 July                Music at the Crossroads festival, Hook Norton
30 July              Greatworth
20 August         Stogursey, Somerset
21 August         Cerne Abbas Brewery, Cerne Abbas, Dorset
4 September    Brackley Folk Club, The BAR & Grill, High St. Brackley
8 September    Leamington Folk Club, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
9 September    Concert in Gawcott, Nr Buckingham
8 October          Banbury Folk Festival
13 October       The Tump Folk Club, Coventry
10 November   Bromsgrove Folk Club
21 December   Banbury Folk Club


11 April               Barney's Live Music, Stroud [cancelled]
24 July                Tadmarton Church Concert [cancelled]

20/22 Aug          Moira Furnace Folk Festival, Derbyshire
22 August           Readifolk, Reading [cancelled]
19 September    Bands in the Park, Coventry
10 October         Banbury Folk Festival
12 October         Newbottle Church Concert
20 October         Atherstone Folk Club
23 October         The White Horse, Banbury
12 November     The Bell, Adderbury
3  December       Christmas Concert, St Mary's Church, Adderbury
Moira Furnace Folk Festival


SC Blinking Owl.jpg

29 January     Banbury Folk Club

6 March          The Blinking Owl

13 March        The Bell, Adderbury

19 March        Buckingham Ccoustic Club

28 March        Charity Event in Brackley

7 April             Winchcombe Folk Club

21 May            The Tump, Coventry

4 July              Methodist Church, Brackley 

25 July            Readifolk, Reading

3 Sept             Maidenhead Folk Club.

12 Sept           Wiggington

23 Sept           Banbury Folk Club

The Blinking Owl, North Newington


SC Tadmarton.jpg
St Mary's Church
Gawcott 1.jpeg

6 February    Nuneaton Folk Club

21 February  Buckingham Folk Club

1 March         Gawcott Church

12 April         Beat Root Radio

26 April         Manor Farm, Ardley

10 May          Tamworth Folk Club

12 May          Black Prince, Northampton

15 May          Atherstone Folk Club

30 May          Common Folk, Walsall

7 June           The Blinking Owl

9 June           Brackley Folk Club

30 June         Coventry, Canal Festival

12 July          The Bell, Adderbury

13 July          Hanfest, Oxfordshire

28 July          Brackley Folk Club

4 Sep            Banbury Folk Club

9 Oct             Bedworth Folk Club

13 Oct           Banbury Folk Festival

17 Oct           Common Folk, Walsall

6 Dec            St Mary's Church, Adderbury




26 Jan         Tamworth Folk Club

9 Feb           The White Horse, Banbury

20 Feb         Great Knight F.C. Northampton

19 April       Maidenhead Folk Club

29 April       Brackley Folk Club

16 June       Westmill Wind Farm

17 June       The Old White Hart, Northh'ton

24 June       Brackley Folk in the Park

1 July          Stratford River Festival

7 July          Music at the Crossroads Fest.

14 July        Hanfest, Oxfordshire

20 July        The Bell, Adderbury

5 Sept          Banbury Folk Club

8 Sept          Finstock Ale

12 Oct          Banbury Folk Festival

13 Oct          The Stables, Wavendon, M.K.

14 Oct          Banbury Folk Festival

15 Dec         Christmas Concert, Byfield

Banbury Folk Festival


Scarecrow At Nuneaton.jpg
Nuneaton Folk Club
Bed FF.jpg
Bedworth Folk Festival

27 Jan          The Bell, Adderbury
30 Jan:         Warwick Folk Club
17 March:    Shirley Folk Club
17 May:        Atherstone Folk Club
10 June:       Knitted Character F F 
13 June:       Wurzelbush F C, Brinklow
25 June:       Brackley Folk in the Park
16 July:        Banbury Folk Club
22 July:        Tadmarton  Festival
5 August:     The Bell, Adderbury
28 August:    Festival, Brinklow

6 Sept           Nuneaton Folk Club
9 Sept:          The Finstock Ale Festival
23 Sept:        Brackley European  event
1 Oct :           Banbury Canalside Festival
7 Oct             Banbury Folk Festival
21 Oct           Civic event Brackley
26 Oct           The Tump, Coventry
1 Nov:            Banbury Folk Club

25 Nov          Bedworth Folk Festival
26 Nov'         Readifolk', Reading 


29 January: The Bell, Adderbury
3 February: Nuneaton Folk Club
18 February: Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
1 April: The Bell, Adderbury
9 April: Charity concert, Manor Farm, Ardley
13 April: Banbury Folk Club 17th Anniversary
18 May: Stratford Folk Club
19 June: Coventry Canal Festival
24 June: Tamworth Folk Club
26 June: Folk in the Park, Brackley
9 July: Manor Farm, Ardley. Workshop 
10 July: Manor Farm, Ardley. Parlour Concert
16 July: Tadmarton Scarecrow Festival
20 July: Atherstone Folk Club
21-24 July: Warwick Festival
28 July: Maidenhead Folk Club
27 August: The Gate Hangs High, Hook Norton
7 October: The Reindeer, Banbury Folk Festival
21 October: Red Lion, Shirley
26 November: Bedworth Folk Festival
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